Begin each morning with a cup of herbal tea or warm water with lemon. Drink a minimum of two liters of spring water per day. Eliminate caffeinated and diuretic drinks such as coffee, tea, alcohol and soda. If you happen to have one, don’t freak—just drink an extra glass of water per drink. Supplement your diet with fatty acids. We recommend soaking flaxseeds overnight and eating two tablespoons of them per day mixed into food or even on its own. 3 days before – start to avoid: meat and poultry; refined starches like bread; white rice and pasta; dairy and egg products; sugar; alcohol, and nicotine and sushi

CONSUME – Green Salad NO Dressing (balsamic Vinegar, Cider Vinegar are allowed), Raw Almonds, Raw Cashews and Mixed Berries. However, do not eat nuts and berries at the same meal.
Continue to HYDRATE – 8 glasses of water a day. Get ample REST. Continue to focus on moving the toxins out of your body. We suggest getting a colonic or doing an enema to flush the toxic waste out of your body. Lastly EXERCISE – nothing excessive, just light walks every day. Also, sea salt baths release toxins.

BREAK YOUR CLEANSE SLOWLY, by implementing 2 solid meals into your diet. On the third day, you can move to 3 solid meals.